Bashyal and company Pvt. Ltd. (BASNCO) is a private limited company registered under Company Act 2063 in Nepal. It is established by Hemanta Bashyal, CFA, FRM in 2010, he also posses Advocate license from Nepal Bar Council, with a long history of success in the field of Investment, Financial Risk Management and Policy Making, government agencies, and private business sectors, with a competent support team from various sectors like, engineering, Information Technology, Accounting and Management as well as Law for the purpose of Investment consultancy and Valuation. Our team consists of excellent market analysts, who have decade long experience in the Valuation, creation of wealth in capital market, is dedicated to wealth maximization by identifying profitable avenues available. The organization has developed strong in-house research unit, for Corporate Finance, Investment Management, Equity Research, Risk Management, Accounting and Taxation, Business and Legal support, Financial Engineering, Engineering as well as Customized Financial and Risk Consulting Unit which collect in-depth information about all aspects of investment opportunities  available in Nepal.

To be recognized as the 'Dynamic Investment Consultant' of Nepal continuously creating values for our stakeholders.

To provide effective and efficient Financial and Risk Management service to individual and institution through customer centric and service driven approach by focusing on research based, scientific, and long-term investment strategies for the creation of higher wealth.

We are always guided and inspired by these values to strive for excellence in everything we do. Some of them are:

We keep high level of accountability, integrity and transparency among our employees, clients, and integrity of Capital market through our policies and actions.

We strongly believe in professional work environment in our workspace & overall integrity of Capital Market. Our views, opinions and strategies fully depend on in-depth analysis and systematic process. Our actions will be free of temporary reactions like fear and greed. We always focus on long run effect addressing short term requirement of our clients.

We emphasize on developing Investment policies which address investment process and diversifying investment portfolio with strategic assets allocation for to achieve long run investment goal of the client, supporting with short-term opportunities in the market for to add value on their investment portfolio of client in a short run. Every Investment activities will be viewed as a trade off between risk and return tradeoff within the investment portfolio. Every action will be viewed as portfolio context, not only standalone basis while analyzing any projects for client.

Based on Risk Management policy and Risk Management Guideline, we emphasize on developing investment process that highly commensurate risk factor associated with investment in any Capital project or in any investment securities. We always focus on depth analysis risk and return of our client’s capital with diligence and reasonable basis.

Our each service is based on result-oriented by setting high level of target under high standard of ethical ground.

We comply CFA Institute Code and Standard as well as applicable law of territorial jurisdiction of our client.

We respect all clients on same basis irrespective of service taken. We view Client and prospective client as Investing Public. So we do not discriminate any client and investment public on our service, Service provided to the client may be customized based on their need and requirement. We may charge fee, or can provide service on free of cost basis on our service based on service render to the client.

We are serving to the society, so we are open to serve society to enhance integrity of capital market and support needy people as well as any organization and regulatory to enhance their ability.